Not all metal powders are created equal. Ours are.Equispheres was established in 2015 to develop, manufacture and market its unique product line of ultra-high-performance spherical metal powders engineered for Additive Manufacturing (commonly referred to as ‘AM’ or ‘3D Printing’) and Metal Spray Coatings (in particular, ‘Thermal Spray’ and ‘Cold Spray’) applications, with a primary focus on the aerospace industry.

Equispheres’ patent-pending atomization technology produces free-flowing, uniform, monograin, agglomerate-free spherical metal powders, which bring superior control and performance efficiencies not currently available. These metal powders have a narrow particle size distribution, excellent sphericity and flowability, and consistent microstructure — as produced, without sieving or classification — and are designed to significantly improve the quality of end-use products and applications. Commissioning of the Equispheres flagship atomization reactor is currently underway and commercial-scale production is scheduled to commence by the end of the first quarter 2016.

The Company’s innovative, proprietary technology holds the potential to advance spherical metal powders to the next level of industrial and commercial development. In addition, Equispheres has the materials development expertise, engineering, product testing, business development, and management experience to effectively bring its innovative metal powders to market — and in the shortest time possible. A privately held Canadian company, Equispheres endeavors to become a world leader in the metal powders industry and a disruptive supply source for the aerospace, medical, oil and gas, automotive, and defense sectors, among other industries.



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